Meet Stand Up Paddle young gun Kristi Page, Ocean Grove. 24/9/2010
Remember this name - Kristi exciting young SUP talent from Ocean Grove, Victoria. Kristi is taking the SUP community by storm and has only been Supping since 2008. Krisi came third in the Womens division and Best Up and Coming Talent at the Merimbula Classic in 2009 against older and more experienced girls. She also came fourth in the Roar Industries Expo Women's Division this year - an amazing achievement at the young age of 14.

Kristi took up the sport purely for the fun of it and has made many new friends along the way. She loves the 'all body workout' Sup provides - it beats the boring gym anyday that's for sure! Kristi aspires to be the Australian Champion Women's Stand Up Paddler in the future and travel the world and meet other people with the same passion for the sport. She also hopes to inspire more women and girls to take up stand up paddling and to one day own and operate her own photography business.

For any women looking for a new passion or adventure, maybe it's time to take up Stand Up Paddling! As Kristi says, 'SUP improves skills used in other sports (e.g. balance, surfing)and it can be done anywhere on rivers, lakes, estuaries, beaches etc'. Good luck with your career and endeavors Kristi, we at the SUPBUS are all following your career closely! Remember us when you're rich and famous!!

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