St Kilda SUP Yoga and Stand Up Paddle lessons at St Kilda Beach this summer! 11/1/2013
The benefits of meditation are becoming ever more widely known and it's even being embraced by the scientific community. It is being credited with helping to combat stress, improving physical health and chronic pain, aiding concentration and focus and improving brain activity to aid patterns associated with positive emotion meaning more happiness, peace, better sleep and an ability to remain more present.

What better way to reap the benefits of this ancient practice than on top of one of our foam paddle boards surrounded by the calming waters and nature at St Kilda Beach, Melbourne. Come and paddle out with us into the St Kilda waters before performing some gentle yoga sequences to calm body and mind. Then allow your eyes to close, your fingers to dip into the sea and be led into a blissful guided meditation surrounded by the boats and yachts at St Kilda breakwall! In this St Kilda Stand Up Paddle Yoga lesson we will explore different practices such as chakra balancing meditations, mantras, healing meditations and love and peace meditations leaving you truly cleansed, rejuvenated and at peace with yourself and the world! There is no better place to learn Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga with us in St Kilda so call us on 0416 184 994 for more information!

Class times vary according the to weather so please call us directly for the next class times or email us at Equipment is supplied but you can bring your own board and paddle if you have one!

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