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About SUP

Stand-Up Paddle boarding (also know as SUP or Supping) was born on Waikiki beach, Hawaii in the early 1950's. Surf instructors, or 'Beach Boys', began standing up on their boards and using a paddle to get out to the break. This preferred method of board riding allowed them a better vantage point from which to spot the next big sets, take photos of thrill seeking surfers, and most importantly, to keep a sharp eye on their students.

A flat spell of waves in Hawaii in 2000 saw the re-birth of the sport when the likes of big wave legend Laird Hamilton recognised the benefits of Stand-Up Paddles Boarding for cross training purposes.

Supping is now the fastest growing board sport in the world. Surfing greats such as Tom Carroll, and Pipe Master Rob Machado now SUP regularly. Even Jennifer Aniston and Pierce Brosnan have been seen getting in on the act!

"Perhaps it's the grace and harmonious combination of skill and thrill that attracts so many to Supping, either way you'll be hooked once you try it!" - Chris de Aboitiz

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