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Then think again!! We have instructed hundreds of people ranging from ages 7 to 72!!. If you can ride a bike, then you can Stand Up Paddle with no problems whatsoever! Our instructors are the most patient and understanding in the industry. No fitness levels are required as we will teach you at your own pace and capabilities! We have never had someone down at the school that hasn't been able to do it standing up!

Here's some testimonials from just a few of our satisfied customers:

Louise, 38, Oakleigh

Having recently given birth, I decided to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding at St Kilda to try and get back into shape with my girlfriends. It was the best move I ever made! I was able to tone those tricky areas of the body that needed toning with a real emphasis on strengthening my core back into shape! It beats the treadmill or a pump class by far whilst having fun at the same time!!

Ben, 26, Elsternwick

What a great cross training tool for footy! Really strengthened my core and toned up my shoulders, quads and back - and what a great way to start a weekend!!

Jason Mahmoud, High School Sports Co-ordinator

An amazing activity for our kids! Very impressed with the instructors who had every student up and going in a short period of time. A fantastic new addition to our sports curriculum. Couldn't drag the kids back on to the bus after the session!!

Jill, 45, St Kilda

I found the tranquillity of paddling so soothing and relaxing! The marine life was spectacular, seeing the dolphin up close was one of the highlights of the year for me!

Campbell, 6, East Bentleigh

I love when Dad takes me on the glass bottom board. I get to see all the fishes!

Whatever your reasons are for taking up Stand Up Paddling, we guarantee you'll love the experience! Whether it's to learn to Stand Up Paddle surf, to improve your fitness or to get out and enjoy the sunshine and do something different, Stand Up Paddling is for you.

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